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India Jo is a well known and loved Spiritual Medium. She works in every corner of the U.K helping people who have lost their way. Jo’s wonderfully kind and empathetic nature shines through every moment of the reading.

A client should ask ‘What should I expect?’ lets work through a typical reading.

The client will often be apprehensive about their reading and Jo’s kind persona shines through. She will talk about the client’s expectations and if there is a particular area which requires special attention. If a general reading is required the client will receive guidance on four specific areas. Material – Intellectual – Emotional – Spiritual.

Let us consider each one in greater depth:-

Jo considers ways to improve financial aspects of her client’s life. There is consideration of possible adverse or positive influences involved within the work areas. Questions about the energies with a home are often asked. Jo will take the time to assess the implications of her clients home environment.

We are in an intellectual world. So many of us now require qualifications to achieve our goals. Age is no barrier to investing in intellectual growth. In fact, the connection between the material aspects of our life and the intellectual choices we make are almost inseparable.

In most consultations, the aspects of emotional security will arise. Jo takes exceptional care in this part of the readings, she is aware of the fragility of those in emotional pain and will spend sufficient time working through every aspect of the information received. Whenever there are questions about relationships, the client can be sure Jo will work through each aspect of the issue before moving on. Questions or concerns about friends and family can be put to Jo. She will answer with care and compassion.

Very often a client will receive a special message. A word of comfort from a loved one or an indication that peace has been found, both have a special meaning for each client. Sometimes the Spiritual aspect is one of healing and bringing a profound inner peace to a troubled soul. Jo is a great believer in the words of a Master ‘The Mediums most significant work is one of Spiritual Healer.’

Final Words
Jo truly cares about her work and the welfare of her clients. She is a qualified counsellor, and this gives her a deep and formal insight into many aspects of her client’s present situation. It is a sign Jo accept’s the implications of her work and the long-term impact of a consultation.

We live in a World where there are many doubters. This is fine; it is very much part of the idea known as ‘Free-Will’ – Another important Spiritual Lesson is ‘Acceptance’ – It guides the pupil to be tolerant of other people beliefs – If a Spiritual Mediums work is not for you have the grace to allow them to follow their path.

India Jo is an exceptional lady.